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About Us

être vous /áh-tray-vu/ (French) :  BE YOU 


Hi! My name is Brynn Perkins and I am the owner of être vous (be you) dance and the inventor of the Sûre Sock.

The Sûre Sock is a full-compression crew sock with an attached synthetic suede pad. This patent-pending sock provides the perfect amount of grip for turns, leaps and tricks on slippery dance floors.

Dance has been my whole life. For the past 12 years I have had hundreds of girls go through my classes. During this time I have watched girls slip, fall and even injure themselves when dancing in slippery socks.

Then one night in bed, POOF! It came to me! Socks + Dance Shoe = Sûre Sock!   Sûr is French for confidence; and that is exactly what this sock does. It offers control and confidence to dancers of all levels. 

être vous is more than a brand, it is lifestyle. Be beautiful, be unique and BE YOU


All my love,

Brynn Perkins